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Geneva, Switzerland, 11-20 February 2009

ITU-T has now entered a new study period (2009-2012). The Directory Group is now Question 11 within Study Group 17. The new chairman for Study Group 17 is Mr. Arkadiy Kremer from Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS).

The next ITU-T Study Group 17 meeting is in Geneva 11-20 February 2009. The collaborative ISO/IEC and ITU-T Directory group meeting will be held 11-13 and 16-17 February.

The following item will be covered:

  • Further work on Password Policy resulting in an updated Working Draft. This item will be covered 16-17 February.
  • Defect Report discussions, possible resulting in new Draft Technical Corrigenda.
  • Identification of possible well defined Identity Management issues requiring Directory support.
  • Identification of further support for tag-based applications.
  • Further communication enhancement requirements.
  • Consider the work within the CA/Browser Forum and produce a liaison statement.

The Directory meeting will start on 11 February after the opening plenary of SG 17 and the open plenary of WP3, i.e., after coffee break in the afternoon. If you are there, you should participate in the plenaries,

Thursday, 19 February and Friday 20 February are dedicated final plenaries for Working Party 3 and Study Group 17.

Wednesday, 18 February is allocated for paper work for the plenaries and whatever turns up.

If you feel for, you are very welcome to also participate in these activities.

Links to registration form, hotel list, etc, may be found here.

Tokyo, Japan, 1-5 June 2009

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 has its next meeting and WP8 (Directory) is schedule to meet the three first day, but probably it would be possible to work all week.

The logistics for the meeting may be found here

The agenda may be found here here

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